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We are systems distributors that have brought an active and transparent approach to pioneering indoor air quality solutions.

And the true benefits are something you’ll see for years to come. We’re talking about the competitive edge that comes with being able to ensure improved air quality, the bottom line business advantages of fewer sick days, greater productivity, and the peace of mind that comes from living in, working in or visiting a healthy indoor environment.

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, our Los Angeles-based team sprang into action. Seeing that there were no effective indoor air solutions in the marketplace, we decided to do something about it.

Effective. Safe. Affordable.


Make people safer from germs in public places.

When the Covid-19 pandemic emerged in early 2020, we commissioned our affiliate, EnviroProcess Consultants, Inc. (EPC) to invent, design, and produce effective, safe, and affordable solutions with novel uses of germicidal low-UVC light. We carefully studied transport and fate mechanisms for respiratory pathogens. We retained Boston University Medical School to characterize the effectiveness of our low-UVC system for killing Covid-19 virus.


As a result, our formulated and proprietary solutions are foremost based in science and engineering. Our unique technology and strategy for transmission risk mitigation in public places is now available for schools, senior care facilities, medical offices and lobbies, retail and commercial shops, offices, gyms and studios, places of worship, and, in the future, transportation vehicles.

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Our Disinfection Technology

Ultraviolet light has been used to disinfect and kill germs in critical healthcare and infrastructure applications for over 100 years. In response to Covid-19, we quickly assembled a team from MIT, UC Berkeley, Boston University, UT Austin, and Caltech, and designed the halō as our first product incorporating low-wavelength (Low-UVC) technology specifically for indoor air. Selected medical, photonics, and engineering experts have incorporated key performance and safety elements of the halō.

the halō is the only product featuring continuous, effective, non-intrusive, and exposure-free disinfection of indoor air while people are present.



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